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Synopsis: This is the story of Thom and Alethea. Two neighbours in an apartment block, trying desperately to keep their lives from falling apart. Thom is up for a job review but has no idea what his company actually does. Alethea is a children’s book author with a deadline and writer’s block. Living side by side, they’re barely aware the other even exists -until the Wall between them decides they belong together. But being an inanimate object, matchmaking is difficult.

And so begins the whimsical whirlwind to bring them together. There’s the building’s Power Box, having an existential crisis about the eventual collapse of the universe. A star about to super nova five thousand years ago. There’s time travelling on an equation for the speed of light and too much sugar. There are the Days Of The Week who, as it turns out, don’t really like each other. There are demonic magpie attacks, laptops in love, cats in a man-suit dancing to Prince and sock puppet nightmares. And a tiny prayer by the Wall, hoping that all of these pieces can come together for one magical moment of love.

Co-written with Lucas Stibbard, boy girl wall is the story of everyday life and the infinite cosmos, with over two dozen characters created for one single virtuosic performer.
Acts: One
Length: 75min
Cast: 1m/f
Availability: Published / Currency Press /
Reviews: “Comic genius… A blissful reminder of the power of imagination.” - TIME OFF

“Tightly structured, funny and ultimately quite touching, it is a work that captures the power of the imagination and uses it to create engaging and entertaining theatre.” - THE AUSTRALIAN

“An avalanche of surreal wit; it’s a continual linguistic slide between differing levels of reality that feels like a cross between Will Eno and the Mighty Boosh … Unpatronisingly intelligent and wickedly funny.” - THEATRE NOTES

Synopsis: All of Jerry’s dreams are about to come true. Thrust into a competition for the big promotion, Jerry is about to become head of a major advertising company.

But as the high-flying Jerry competes for the top job, strange things begin to happen. Office desks are chasing him. Self-help tapes are talking to him. Umbrellas are raining from the sky. Haunted by his own ad campaigns, Jerry struggles to keep his perfect world together. He wants the top job. But when you lock your life in a briefcase, don’t be surprised the day it wants out.

A comedic exploration of the high cost of ambition, Chasing The Whale is an award-winning theatrical feast.
Acts: Two
Length: 85min
Cast: 2f, 3m
Availability: Not Published (Contact KAM)
Reviews: “Ryan has created something special here… Succeeds as both a highly original crowd-pleaser and an intricately layered examination of human frailty.” - COURIER MAIL

“Bold new comedy with a lunatic edge … An insanely funny theatrical treat … Yet there’s a poignancy lurking beneath the shenanigans and a message in the madness. Don’t miss it.” - TIME OFF

“The funniest Australian play to hit our stage in years, a bizarre piece of surrealist comedy … An evening of wit, elegance and sheer delight. It’s a long time since I’ve seen a new Australian play this good.” - STAGE DIARY

“An inventive, insightful, surreal comedy that satisfies on almost every level.” - BRISBANE NEWS
Synopsis: Ned Kelly is about to hang for his crimes. But his final night in prison is interrupted by the arrival of his brother Dan, disguised as a priest. Supposedly killed at the Siege of Glenrowan, Dan is intent on moving north to Queensland and forgetting his past. To do so, he needs Ned’s blessing and forgiveness. But the last time they saw each other, Dan tried to shoot Ned dead.

So begins a brutal confrontation by two titans of Australian history. Facing the sins of their past, each blames the other for their downfall. And neither will escape unharmed.

Weaving fact, theory and myth, Kelly cuts a theatrical knife into the infamous story of the Kelly Gang, exposing the heart of Australia’s national identity.
Acts: One
Length: 80min
Cast: 3m
Availability: Not Published (Contact KAM)
Reviews: “Kelly is a beautifully conceived character drama … Ryan’s stupefyingly good script is poignant and to-the-point … Kelly is a subtle, smart imagining of Ned Kelly’s last night alive, charged with unfulfilled potential and torturous regret, and deeply moving to the bitter end.” - SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

“Ryan’s depiction of Ned injects more humour and wit into his character than I have ever previously seen… Shines a spotlight on the relationship between the brothers in a way we’ve not seen before in the history of Australian storytelling … A stunning, exalting and truly authentic piece of theatre.” - ARTS HUB

“Kelly is perfectly polished down to every single word. It’s a magnificent piece.” - AUSSIE THEATRE

\"This provocative, engaging play may become our next Australian classic.\" - STAGE WHISPERS
Synopsis: A young homeless Girl hides in an old rundown bookshop. Safe from the dangerous city outside, the Girl becomes entranced by the unusual shop. The door has been locked for years. Hundreds of books by the same writer lie on the floor. And an ancient apple tree grows in the corner.

And then there’s the mysterious owner - a giant old man in a wheelchair, desperate to get rid of her.

Wanting to be cared for, the young Girl tries to win the Old Man’s favour. But when she discovers a dress covered in blood, the Girl becomes worried for her safety. The Old Man won’t reveal his secrets. Haunted by his past, he is too busy with his plan to take revenge on the city outside.

Co-written with David Morton for the Dead Puppet Society, The Harbinger is a gothic adult fairytale written for bunraku puppetry.
Acts: One
Length: 85min
Cast: 5f (1 Performer, 4 Puppeteers)
Availability: Not Published (Contact KAM)
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